Friday, November 5, 2010

Medal: Antonio Pitxot Exposition, Teatro Museo Dali, Figueras 1974.

Always on the hunt for unique and affordable Dali collectibles, I have recently obtained this medal in an online auction. 

WOW!  I never saw anything like it.

On one side is a Antonio Pitxot nude woman sculpture in relief.  On the other side is a relief image of the Teatro Museo Dali in Figueras, Spain.

The medal is dated 1974 and is in excellent condition.  It's about 1.5" in diameter and quite hefty in weight.

So, where can you find one for your collection?  No clue!  I can't find any information about this medal on the internet or in any books in my collection. 

If the medal dates to 1974, then any information may be hard to find.  If you have any information to add, leave a comment to this post below.

(8/12/13 update: two recent sales suggest a value of about $40)

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