Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Aquisition: Poker Tarot Dali playing cards decks.

POKER TAROT DALI playing cards decks:

Once in a blue moon the avid Dali collectible hunter comes across this deck of cards.  If it is reasonably-priced, then it's probably worth the purchase.

The set pictured here was purchased from an online seller in Argentina. 

Two decks of cards (red and blue) come in a nice presentation package.  There are 52 unique tarot card designs and two joker design (one features Dali, the other features Gala).

There are no dates anywhere on the cards or packaging, which makes me wonder if these are modern reprints, rather than first editions.  Since I can't find any definitive information about these cards on the internet or elsewhere, I will have to return to this topic at a later date.

In any case, these playing cards are quite rare.  Expect to pay about $50 or more for the double set in new condition.

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