Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dali Museum Short Catalog - Commemorative Guide to Morse Collection (1985)

Salvador Dali Museum
St. Petersburg, Florida
"Short Catalog"
Commemorative Guide to Morse Collection (1985)

This "short" catalog lives up to its name with a diminutive size (8.25" sq.) and an unpaginated length of 22 pages.

It is replete with photos and reproductions on every page, and notably, the color reproductions are stunning in their excellent print quality and color reproduction.

The text is a synopsis of the Morse family's initial interest in Dali's art and how it blossomed into a friendship with Dali, and ultimately into one of the largest private collections of Dali's art in the world.  The story ends with a synopsis of how the St. Petersburg Dali museum came to be.
Of interest is a nice color reproduction of The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft, which can be used as a table (1934) in actual size.

All-in-all, a neat little book.  I received my copy tucked in the back of a larger book I purchased online.  What a great little treasure!

If I didn't already own this publication, I would probably not seek it out unless I could buy it for fewer than $10 delivered.  Average online prices for this book are around $14 delivered.

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