Monday, February 14, 2011

Salvador Dali: Bilder Zur Bibel (Images for the Bible) (1973).

Salvador Dali: Bilder Zur Bibel (Images for the Bible)
Germany, 1973

Wow, here in America, who knew that this book existed?  First time I ever saw it.  It's just this kind of item that was one of the inspirations for this blog.

This book has a purple hard cover with the title in gold letters.  This is covered by an illustrated paper dust jacket.  Finally, there is a clear plastic dust jacket with the title of the book printed in gold on it.

Inside, there are 40 full-page color illustrations done by Dali for the Biblia Sacra suite.  32 of these illustrations are found in the Jerusalem Bible, with eight additional illustrations included here.  The eight additional illustrations are pictured below.

All illustrations are of the same size, quality, and paper as the Bible illustrations, making them virtually indistinguishable.  There is no text on the reverse of any illustration page.

Accompanying each image is a one or two page text, likely passages from the Bible or a discussion of the images' relation to the Bible.  It's in German, so I'm not really sure.

This book seems to be rather uncommon, especially here in the US.  The average price seems to be about $80 for a fine copy.

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