Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Franklin Mint "Sombra Sobre la Playa" (Shadow on the Beach, 1977) by Salvador Dali.

Franklin Mint "Sombra Sobre la Playa"
(Shadow on the Beach, 1977)

by Salvador Dali

It seems that the few extant authentic plaque-style Dali art collectibles are all pretty rare.  Such is the case with this great piece.

Published by the Franklin Mint in 1977, it features an original work by Salvador Dali, etched in solid sterling silver, and issued in a single limited edition.  It comes packaged in an attractive black and silver frame, double-matted with beige over black.  The mat has a blind stamp in the lower right corner.

The brushed silver surface catches the light and reflects it back, changing appearance depending on the angle.  A pretty neat effect that makes it look like its glowing in any kind of light.

This work is sealed in the frame, so I have not inspected the entire plaque.  Therefore, its weight and overall dimensions are unknown.  The visible area of the plaque is about 23.7 cm x 34.1 cm.

It is not known how many of these were published, but it is extremely rare.  It typically sells for fewer than $300, and  I was lucky enough get mine for fewer than half that.  My advise is to patiently wait, and you should be able to get one of these for your collection at a bargain price.

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Jack Owens said...

With regard to the Dali Franklin Mint sterling silver etching, "Sombre Sombre la Playa". I purchased one on ebay several months ago from an Italian seller. The entire listing was in Italian and it was unaware that I was bidding on the etching only. Purchase price and shipping was reasonable,and I was not sure how to complain even if I wanted to. The image arrived in good shape and I was able to inspect and weigh the piece. I do not have the piece in front of me now, but it is marked with the Franklin mint mark. My home scale weighs only up to 5 troy ounces, so off to the post office to get the regular ounce weight and then converted it to troy oz. The etching is on sheet of sterling silver (.925 also on the lower right of image, presumably normally under the matting). I estimate the sheet is 1/8 inch+ thick. The weight is 10+ troy ounces. I mention all of this because in the late 1970's Franklin Mint issued a series of silver on copper art pieces. I have not yet framed the piece and will take pics before I do so. If you wish, I send you images for your records.