Sunday, May 22, 2011

Figueres Museum Framed Dali Souvenir of "Leda Atomica."

Figueres Museum
Framed Dali Souvenir of "Leda Atomica."

This interesting item recently joined my Dali collection in need of some restoration.  It has since been restored with all original parts.

This is a gold-tone frame with a reproduction of Dali's Leda Atomica (1949) mounted on a clear piece of glass with a gold pinstripe outline.

The reproduction itself appears to be a photomechanical print mounted to a convex piece of wood.  The rear of the wood reveals that it is glued to the glass.  It states:


The wood's convexity is odd, but appears to give the reproduction a 3-D effect.

I have never seen a collectible/souvenir like this before, and I have no idea when it was produced.  Estimating its value is tricky without additional information, but I tentatively put its value at about $50.

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Unknown said...

Hi there,
Not sure if you will receive or notice this comment since your original post is from 2011. I today just pick-up a simular souvenir of Dali's Mae West installation. I was wondering if you had found out any info. on your item's age or value.
Regards Adam