Sunday, May 15, 2011

Playing Cards / Poker Decks with Case Designed by Dali.

Playing Cards / Poker Decks
with Case Designed by Dali.

This is one of those enigmatic and seemingly rare Dalinian creations that I have never seen before now.  But, for all I know, there are a thousand of these things sitting in a gift shop in the Philippines.

Seriously, the poker cards designed by Dali typically come in a black box, though I once saw them in a wood presentation case (possibly the second edition/reissue?).  The leatherette card case seen here purports to be a "Dali design."

Did Dali design this case?  I have my doubts.

Nevertheless, the outside is decorated with a Dalinian crown symbol, some G's, S's, D's, and Dali's signature.  Two of the corners have a gold-tone piece of metal with the crown insignia.  In spite of this, the design just doesn't seem like something Dali would create.

The clasp is held by magnetic force, which is a nice touch.  Inside we find storage space for two decks of cards.  There is smooth fabric under each deck.  In my opinion, the straps that hold the cards in place seem chintzy and poorly-designed.

The card decks are unopened, but my gut tells me that these decks are probably a second edition or a reissue, as opposed to a first edition.  It just seems unlikely that this case and these cards have remained in such a mint state since the original release of the cards in the late 1960's.

And, yes, the cards have gold gilt edges and the Dali designs.

Well, you saw it here first, and not in an overseas gift shop!

In pricing this item, it is known that the unopened card decks could easily sell for $175.  The case adds another $20 to that price, and if it is truly a Dali design, it could add another $50 or more to the value.

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