Friday, November 11, 2011

Illustrated by Salvador Dali: Essays of Michel de Montaigne--sealed, mint.

I recently stumbled upon this rare item. 

It's not just any copy of Montaigne; it's a mint condition copy still sealed with the Literary Guild card inside.  I have never seen one of these books still sealed like this--a rarity indeed!

Like a collectible toy in its original unopened package, this book should be worth a premium to a collector.  I snatched this up for fewer than $20, but I am certain it is worth more than $75 to the right person.

BTW, I don't plan to open it, so for now this mint copy will be preserved in its original condition.

Here, for the first time ever, are all 16 of the full-page, color illustrations from this fine book, followed by a number of the black-and-white illustrations.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Salvador Dali Lithographic Reproduction: "God of War" (Athena).

Salvador Dali Lithographic Reproduction:
"God of War" (Athena)

The origin of this image is The Mythology print suite of etchings and engravings (Field catalog #63-3P, pp. 24-25).  The print pictured here is a lithographic reproduction of the work titled "Athena." 

The Graphic Art Society COA attached to the backing board of this print identifies the title as "God of War."  The print is pencil numbered 9/500 which is also indicated on the COA.

The paper is an off-white cream color laid paper type (with a pattern of close parallel lines in one direction and wider-spaced parallel lines at right angles), measuring  15 3/16" x 10 15/16".  There is a "Hamilton Andorra" watermark on the bottom edge of the paper.  The print was easy to frame because the image fits within a standard mat opening of 10.5" x 13.5".

There is no indication of the year that this was produced, but the tape residue remaining on the print is sufficiently aged to indicate a vintage print.

There is absolutely no information about this print in the Field catalog or on the internet.  My gut tells me that it is probably an unauthorized print, and that it is not worth much.  Nevertheless, it's a pretty neat image, and it looks great on my wall.  It turns out to be an affordable alternative to an authentic limited edition Dali intaglio print.

I picked this vintage lithographic print up for fewer than $40.  Not likely to see another one of these any time soon.