Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dali's Teatro Museo Figueras Inauguration 1974 Coin/Medal/Medallion.

Dali's Teatro Museo Figueras
Inauguration 1974

This coin was likely minted to commemorate the September 1974 inauguration of Dali's Teatro Museo in Figueras Spain. 

One side of the coin is dated "28 IX 74" which corresponds to the museum's opening.

It is a shiny silver color and has been represented to be sterling silver, however no silver hallmarks are visible on this tiny coin. 

It is about 17 mm in diameter (just a bit smaller than a US dime), and has about a 2.2 gram mass.

Nothing more is known about this coin, and it seems quite rare. If it is truly composed of sterling silver, then it is likely worth about $15.