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I have a number of Dali collectibles, including publications by, or about, Dali that may be available for sale.  Below is a quick list.  Email if interested, or if you are looking for something not listed here.
  • Lincoln Mint Plates (sterling silver, all varieties);
  • A Dali Journal 1920 (1962);
  • A Dali Primer;
  • An Evening with Dali (1966);
  • Eroticism In Clothing (1975);
  • Nature Morte Vivante;
  • Hello Dali;
  • Nature Watercolors portfolio (6 litho reproductions);
  • La Fecundidad silver plaque;
  • Homage to Dali (both covers);
  • The Dali Universe catalog;
  • Dali (de la Serna);
  • Dali (Descharnes 1976, w/ tipped in plates);
  • Dali: A Study of His Life and Work (1957)
  • Leda & Swan medallion (silver and bronze, all varieties);
  • Easter Christ bell;
  • Peace medallion;
  • Four Seasons medalllions.

Teatro Museo, Figueras, 1974

This rare coin was probably minted to commemorate the opening of the Teatro Museo in Figueras Spain in 1974.

I do not know the exact composition of this coin, but it has been represented to me as sterling silver.  It has not been tested by me to confirm.  Nevertheless, it is showing some light tarnish/oxidation.

Dated 28 IX 74, which corresponds to the September, 1974 inauguration of Dali's Teatro Museo.

In possibly uncirculated condition, but it is not necessarily in mint condition (I am not a connoisseur of coins). See pictures of actual item below.

About 17mm diameter, and about 2.0 grams in mass.  Sold as pictured, as is.

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All items come from a smoke-free, pet-free, and child-free location.


by Luis Romero

Spanish-language edition: 1975; English translation: 1979

This is one of the great books written about Salvador Dali. 

It combines both the author's first-hand knowledge of Dali, and the author's analysis of Dali's own writings and the words others have written about Dali.  In doing so, the author paints his own unique picture of Dali's artistic oeuvre while weaving in a good deal of biographical content.

Romero conceived of the book around 1969, while Dali was working on his masterwork, Hallucinogenic Bullfighter.  At that time, it was decided to use said work as the basis, or linking element, for this book.

While Romero's story winds through various Dali works, experiences, and anecdotes, it is the symbolism portrayed in the Bullfighter that Romero connects to the lifelong expressions of Dali.

Any Dali collector seeking a scholarly analysis of the Bullfighter, and Dali symbolism in general, should find this book easy to read and enlightening.  It answers questions it poses, and it poses questions that only now may become answerable. 

Romero concedes that at the time the book was published, it was difficult to provide comprehensive information about an artist's work which spanned the globe, especially in the absense of a complete catalog.  Remember that in 1970, the Morse's Dali ..... A Collection was only just being prepared and printed.

In all, Romero does a fantastic job of surveying Dali's most popular works in one text while addressing the images and symbols he saw in a contemporary Dali masterwork as it was being painted.

The book is replete with color and b&w illustrations and photos, illustrated endpapers, and an attractively decorated leatherette cover. 

Of course, there are many detail reproductions of the Hallucinogenic Bullfighter as different elements of the painting are addressed.  I particularly enjoyed some of the photos of Dali at work and at play.  One small photo shows Dali in the act of jumping rope with some children!

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Library of Great Painters: Dali (Abrams, 1976)
by Robert Descharnes.

Awesome book with 52 large full-color reproductions (tipped in), and many other illustrations in black and white.

The tipped in reproductions are far superior in color than those that are usually printed directly to a page in other books.  It's a nice feature that you don't find in too many Dali publications.

Book is complete with dust jacket in protective cover.  Very minor light stain on the cover, otherwise, binding is tight and book in great condition.

All photos below are of the tipped in color plates.

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