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This site is the first and only of its kind in providing information about collectible and limited edition medals, medallions, coins, puzzles, art prints, posters, plates and various Dalinian creations in bronze, brass, pewter, and silver and gold metals, both pure and alloy.

I also collect rare, out-of-print (OOP), collectible, and antiquarian books by, about, illustrated by, or featuring the art of, Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí.

I have found that internet information regarding the numerous antiquarian and collectible Dalí publications is lacking, and it is often difficult to assess the edition or estimated worth of a particular book before a purchase.

This blog provides information on the various art books in my Dalí book collection and personal library, as well as all future aquisitions. I hope this information will be a valuable reference source to help others in their research of rare and OOP Dalí publications.

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