Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dali's Tribes of Israel Bronze Medallion: "Joseph."

Dali's Tribes of Israel
Bronze Medallion:


The second I saw this medallion at auction, I knew it was destined to join my collection.

Not because of the Israel/Jewish reference (I have no connection to either), but because both the name and the date of its production are of special significance to me.

The medal is 5cm in diameter, and consists of about 80g of bronze.  A stamp on the rim identifies the maker as Medallic Art Co., N.Y. 

This medal is number 315.  I do not know how many sets of these medallions were produced.

Usually, one sees the Tribes of Israel medallions sold as complete sets in a number of competing editions most commonly in bronze and silver. 

In my experience, a single medal from a set like this is rarely sold by itself.  In fact, I can only remember seeing two sets of these round medallions in silver at auction over the past year, but none in bronze.

I have no other sales from which to approximate a value, but I think that I got mine for a great bargain: fewer than $30.

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