Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hommage a Meissonier: Lithographies Originales de Salvador Dali (1967).

Hommage a Meissonier:
Lithographies Originales de Salvador Dali
(Hotel Meurice, 1967)

This is the exhibition catalog for the unveiling of Dali's masterwork "Tuna Fishing" at the Hotel Meurice (Paris) in November, 1967.

The catalog has a plain white soft cover wrapped in an illustrated yellow dust jacket.

The text of the catalog is in French, so I am not able to provide more details as to that aspect of the content.

The catalog contains several b&w illustrations, only one of which by Dali (Tuna Fishing).  In addition, there are four original Dali lithographs on colored paper of card stock thickness.

Clearly, these lithographs are studies for images in Tuna Fishing, and are readily detected in the masterwork.

These booklet lithographs are referenced by Field as #67-2 (page 127), with 2000 printed (assumed per image).  Upon this information, it is presumed that the catalog is limited to 2000 copies.

My catalog came with a supplement on card stock that appears to be a poetic homage to Dali and/or the exhibition.  The inside is a handwritten facsimile with a two-thirds foldover with typewritten text.  I am not sure how this item fits in with the package, but others have reported the item with their catalogs, so they seem to go together.

The cost of this catalog seems to vary widely across the internet, but one consistent aspect is that sellers place a high value on it.  With average prices firmly into the $200 range, it's hard to imagine anybody is buying. 

Indeed, I don't think the demand is out there, especially at that price, even with four original Dali lithographs limited to 2000 copies.  These particular lithographs are not causing that much of a stir in the overall scheme of things.

Most likely, this catalog would sell quite readily in the $100 range.  My copy has some light foxing, but is otherwise in good condition, so I was able to get it for a bit less.

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Anonymous said...

I have a framed copy of the first print (sepia toned) study for "Tuna Fishing" that I purchased back in 1970 or 72. It is stamp signed rather than pen or pencil signed. I was wondering how many of these were produced and any clues on relative value. Unfortunately the certificate of authenticity has been lost