Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Les Montres Gelatines de L'Espace Temps" porcelain coupelle / plate.

"Les Montres Gelatines de L'Espace Temps"
(The Frozen Watches of Space-Time)

coupelle en porcelaine
(porcelain plate)

This unique porcelain plate features an image by Salvador Dali taken from the 1974 original intaglio suite La Conquete du Cosmos (Conquest of Cosmos).

The rear of the small plate states that it is #1415 of a limited edition of 2000 manufactured in Lamotte-Beuvron by "Editions Van Dick Anvers - Belgique" at a size of 120 x 120 mm.

I cannot find any information about this object on the internet and would appreciate any reader input as to the year of its production, and any information that may be of value in assessing its worth.

While I lack data about the year of production and the original sale price, I tentatively place a value of about $20 on this object.

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