Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dali's Alice in Wonderland Poster: The Queen's Croquet Ground (1969).

Alice in Wonderland Poster:
The Queen's Croquet Ground (1969)
from original intaglio suite by Salvador Dali.

OK, so here's the deal: I got this poster of The Queen's Croquet Ground but I don't know anything about it. 

I do know that it's not one of the original limited edition signed/numbered prints from the Alice in Wonderland suite.  However, the poster appears vintage, and appears to be an offset lithograph print.

The Field catalog states that there are "posters" of this image (page 36), and it is my suspicion/hope that my poster is the kind referenced in the catalog.  Since no other information is provided in the catalog about the "posters," it is difficult to authenticate by myself.

As you can see, my poster lacks the black ink splotch across the queen card as seen in the original intaglio print.  Not sure if this means that my poster is a fake image.

For reference, the actual image size is about 13 1/4" by 17 1/8" and the paper size is about 14 3/16" by 18 1/4".  It fits perfectly in a 16" by 20" frame with 2" matting on all sides.

I have never seen another one of these for sale.  I hope that I will come across more answers about this poster in the near future.  Check back, because if additional information turns up, I will update this post.

The value of this Dali offset lithograph poster is difficult to determine at this point.  If it is an authentic Dali poster as identified in the Field catalog, I think it could easily be worth $100-$150.

If the poster is not authentic, it's worth about $5-$10.


Update 1/28/11:  I made a trip to the craft store today and put together this rig for my lithograph, including frame, acid-free backing, and matting, all for under $13.  It hangs in my bedroom.  Dig it.


Unknown said...

I have this same print without the black splash of paint! I have been looking for information on it but have not found any others without the splash.

Dali Collector said...

Turns out that the splash of ink across the queen card is a remarque, which was added for the limited edition lithograph series. Perhaps this poster is a test print or artist proof made prior to the limited edition series.

Unknown said...

so would it be worth nothing? or worth more because it may be even more rare?

Dali Collector said...

If it's a legitimate print, it is worth something. Just how much is very speculative at this point, since I have yet to receive definitive information about the print's origin. Does your print match the paper and image size of mine? If so, where did you get your print and at what cost?

Unknown said...

I'll have to measure when I get home. But I got it a local antique shop for I think around $100 but the owner knew nothing about it. She didn't even know it was Dali!

My fiance bought it for me so even if it's not worth anything I am still happy that I have it. But it would be great to know if it was worth a lot :)

Dali Collector said...

I agree with you. I love having it, and it would be nice to more about the image and its production. Hopefully somebody in the world will help us get to the bottom of this.