Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Aquisition: Macbeth illustrated by Salvador Dali (Doubleday, 1946).

Macbeth (Doubleday, 1946)
illustrated by Salvador Dali

To the Dali collector, this book pretty much speaks for itself.  It ranks up there among the most rare of the books illustrated by Dali.

The book comes in a slipcase with an illustration pasted on the front.  The book itself has this great repeating pattern which is apparently the letters of Dali's name layered on top of each other.

Inside, you find 12 b&w illustrations, most of which are incredibly crisp and vibrant.  As with other Dali illustrated books, you won't find all of these illustrations in the same place anywhere else.
My copy came in a chipped slipcase in decent condition, but the book inside is immaculate.  In fact, it has never been cracked open to read, leaving the binding tight. 

A severely worn copy of this book can easily fetch about $75 in online auctions, and a fine copy sells for around $150 and up.  This one is rare, but be patient, it turns up from time-to-time.

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