Thursday, January 20, 2011

Open Letter to Salvador Dali by Salvador Dali (Heineman, 1967)

Open Letter to Salvador Dali
by Salvador Dali
A Heineman Paperback, 1967

The complete obscurity of this little paperback book means that it is probably not on the radar of most Dali collectors. 

I think the reason for said obscurity is simple: someone rounded up all of the copies and recycled the paper to make something better.  Simply put, this book is a waste of paper and supergelatinous (and any number of Dalinian adjectives) space.

The book is a series of letters apparently penned by Dali to himself.  The danger with anything written by Dali is that you may wind up with a bunch of nonsense.  Clearly the person(s) who bankrolled this project had no editorial control and received such a dearth of useable material that what was printed is pure crap.

I am sure I recognized at least one essay originally printed in The Minotaur.  I think that was done in a few spots just to fill up space.

The bottom line on Dali's so-called letters to himself is that the topics are completely disconnected, and so objectively incomprehensible, that one just doesn't learn anything of substance about Dali from them. 

You can buy this book for fewer than $20.  However, total crap, don't bother.

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