Thursday, March 3, 2011

Comic Images All-Chromium Dali Card Collection (1995).

Comic Images All-Chromium Dali Card Collection (1995).

These reflective and colorful trading cards feature some great Dali images, most of which come from Dali prints and the various media they are derived from.

The back of each card features information and quotes which trace the chronology of Dali's life.  One can read each card in succession like a book.

The base set cosists of 90 cards, and there are several collections of chase cards.

These cards are out of print, but are generally available for purchase around the internet.  Expect to pay about $25 for a complete set of 90.  If you are lucky, you can get the full set with a bunch of chase cards included.

Because of their reflective nature, they are difficult to photograph, so only a couple of pictures are included here for reference.

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