Thursday, March 31, 2011

Espace Montmartre Paris Dali Coin (2009).

Espace Montmartre Paris Dali Coin (2009)
by Monnaie de Paris.

This coin is a fantastic Dali collectible; it has the feel and appearance of a real coin.  It even has a reeded edge.

It has some weight to it, so it doesn't feel like a chintzy token made of cheap metal.  It is about 34mm in diameter.

The obverse features a melting clock and Dali's signature with the crown logo above it.  The reverse has the Monnaie de Paris logo, dated 2009, and the word "France" written in eight different languages around the edge.

This coin appears to have been "minted" over a number of years.

Here is a picture of the reverse of a different version of this coin that is undated:

Here is another one dated 2001 and marked as a limited edition:

So, it seems that there are at least several versions of this coin for the avid Dali collector to hunt for.

One does't find many of these for sale, but prices seem to range from about $10 - $24.

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