Saturday, March 19, 2011

Salvador Dali Erotic Sketches (Prestel, 2009).

Salvador Dali Erotic Sketches
(Prestel, 2009).

Of the various skills demonstrated by the maestro, perhaps the most underrepresented is Dali's draftsmanship.

This contemporary book fills in a small portion of that gap which is addressed in few other publications.

The design is that of a personal sketch book, with a red ribbon running throught the front and back covers to tie it closed.  Features 35 sketches, several of which I have not seen before. 

An interesting work included here is the uncensored Hidden Faces frontispiece.

One complaint is the wasted space in the form of pages left blank; clearly there is room for more reproductions.

The book concludes with a short essay about Dali by Norbert Wolf (also translated into German), and a detailed list of works illustrated.

This book is currently available for about $15 delivered.

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