Monday, July 25, 2011

Dali Original Intaglio Restrike: "Don Quixote."

Dali Original Intaglio Restrike
"Don Quixote"

This image comes from the suite of 5 original etchings titled Five Spanish Immortals (Field catalog #65-7(D), pp. 28-29).  The one in my collection is a Collector's Guild unlimited edition restrike characterized by the black ink and Dali's signature in the lower right corner of the plate (Restrike information in Field catalog on p. 236).

The etching seems to have been released in a wood frame with silver accents (pictured here) and a white or off-white matte.  On the back of the frame is a Collector's Guild COA.  This original frame and matte combination makes for an attractive package.

There is no definitive information about how many of these unlimited restrikes were made, but they are very easy to find.  They generally sell for between $50 and $100 depending on the condition.

I was able to get this one in beautiful condition for around $60.

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