Sunday, July 10, 2011

Salvador Dali Original Engraving: "Autumn" (1970).

Salvador Dali Original Engraving:
"Autumn" (1970)

Autumn (1970)
This second edition engraving is listed in the Field catalog as #70-2 and is limited to 1000 prints (first ed.: 150 in colors and signed, second ed.: 1000 in sanguine and signed in plate, total: 1150).

As with most art, it helps to see it in person to get the full effect.  This print is densely etched and the lines are crisp, giving it a really sharp appearance.  It looks beautiful in sanguine.

My print is on BFK Rives paper (with watermark) that measures about 11.5" x 13.75".  The image itself measures about 8" x 10.5".

Notice that the image is not centered vertically on the paper.  It is set about 1" below the top paper edge and about 2" above the bottom paper edge.  This seems to be typical of examples of this print.  However, a previous owner may have trimmed off the top edge to remove mounting tape.

I have mounted it on acid-free backing with acid-free matting in this fine wood frame for fewer than $20.  The matting was a pre-cut size I found at the local craft store.  The color of the matting really complements the sanguine in the print.  It looks incredible!

This engraving is fairly easy to obtain in sanguine.  It typically sells for between $50-$90, as do most of the second edition or restrike etchings of Dali's.  It is rare to see a first edition in colors.  If you do, the sky's the limit on the price.  If authentic, it's very rare and signed by Dali himself.


Anonymous said...

Hello, currently there are 4 of the Autumn prints on ebay ranging from $500 to $750. Are these sellers fishing or has something in the market caused this piece to appreciate 500% or more in just one year?

Dali Collector said...

Those overpriced eBay prints (in sanguine) are likely listed by someone who paid a ton of money back in the day and is now trying to recoup some of that money (won't happen), or by someone who is clueless about the print and thinks that it is a rare, limited edition piece. I emailed an overpriced seller once and the response I got made it clear that his head was in the clouds (or up his ass). This piece is not that rare, hold out for a good price (<$100). It will NEVER sell for $500-$700 to anybody with a clue.

Unknown said...

Dear Dali Collector, It is so refreshing to see someone speak with authority who is: knowledgeable, honest and straight to the point in a no-BS, take no prisoners way! Nearly 8 years later and I think those very same overpriced prints are still for sale, only now on Etsy. Unfortunately "The School of Wishful Thinking" is not a facility of "higher education", whos alumni never seem to look, listen or learn. Loved your comment about trying to correct someone whos "head was up their ass"; I attempted to correct someone who was an "authority" on a subject, that was helping to bolster the world of misinformation with vicious results. I pointed out to the person, since they presented themself as an "authority" they are held to a higher standard as people listen to what they say - never won the argument. I just picked up an example of "Autumn" at a local estate sale for $40, though I will re-mount it with acid free materials under uv glass and be right about at it's reasonable value. Thanks - good to know! - Robert