Friday, July 8, 2011

The Lincoln Mint 1972 Annual Easter Plate: "Easter Christ" by Salvador Dali.

The Lincoln Mint 1972 Annual Easter Plate
"Easter Christ"
by Salvador Dali.

The card that comes with this plate boasts that it is Dali's first work created especially for reproduction in a precious metal plate.

This sterling silver plate measures almost 9" across, reportedly weighs about 325 g, and is numbered on the reverse side with a 4-digit serial number (a larger number of digits has not been observed).  It is reported that this is a limited edition of 20,000.

Of the three Lincoln Mint Dali plates, this one is the most common, yet typically sells for closest to the actual value of the silver (~$348) at today's market price (~$36 / troy ounce).  So, expect to pay just under $350 for this one.

Though this plate is common, there are many for sale at outrageous prices far in excess of the aforementioned estimate.  So, considering the number of plates for sale at a reasonable market price may make this among the less common of the three Lincoln Mint Dali plates.

Also note that this plate has been made in sterling vermeil (sterling silver plated in gold).  These are far less common, but still sell for the same price as the sterling silver version.

Both come in a sturdy white presentation box with a purple silk interior.  The information card accompanying the plate is also pictured here.

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